Joel Klatt believes the national championship game should be played each season at the same location.

The College Football Playoff has a rotation of 3 sites each year for the 2 semifinal games and the national championship game. The Rose Bowl is part of that rotation, but does not always host the national championship game. Klatt wants the Rose Bowl to always be part of the Playoff schedule.

The Rose Bowl is a New Year’s Six bowl member, which makes up the rotation of Playoff bowls and sites every season. Even if the Rose Bowl is not in the rotation of Playoff games in a particular season, it would still serve as a New Year’s Six bowl game.

With Klatt’s new idea, the Rose Bowl would be the site of the national championship. Klatt explained why the Rose Bowl should host college football’s championship game.

“In the new Playoff, I actually think the championship venue should always be the Rose Bowl,” Klatt said. “The Rose Bowl should be the equivalent of the Super Bowl. In college football, everybody’s goal throughout the country should be, ‘I want to go to the Rose Bowl.’ It should be the destination. Very similar to how Omaha is the destination in college baseball for the College World Series. The Rose Bowl should be the destination and the national championship site every single year.”

The Rose Bowl hosted the Playoff Semifinals in 2015, 2018, and 2021. While the Rose Bowl is just a New Year’s Six bowl in 2022, Penn State and Utah will play in this season’s Rose Bowl on Monday, Jan. 2.