One of the bigger stories of the weekend actually began before the Kentucky-South Carolina game at Williams Brice Stadium.

Following Saturday night’s 23-13 win over South Carolina, Mark Stoops dropped a nugget on the media that the Gamecocks’ captains wouldn’t shake hands with the Wildcats’ captains. Stoops and the Wildcats seemed to have taken that personally.

Kentucky Sports Radio’s Matt Jones had the post-game quote:

Kentucky QB Stephen Johnson also tweeted about it after the game.

Johnson referenced this photo where he was basically trolling the South Carolina defender by sticking his tongue out.

However, Gamecocks sideline reporter Langston Moore refuted Stoops’ quote from Jones’ Twitter account.

Moore then continued to provide details, explaining it wasn’t South Carolina’s fault; it was actually Kentucky QB Stephen Johnson that started it.

So, there you have it. Still, it was an incredible win for Kentucky Saturday night, and one it won’t soon forget.