Rece Davis and Desmond Howard were both quick to share their thoughts on Urban Meyer being placed on administrative leave at Ohio State, but many have been eager to hear what their College GameDay colleague and former Ohio State QB Kirk Herbstreit had to say.

On the 6 p.m. SportsCenter Thursday, Herbstreit finally shared his thoughts.

“Just a whirlwind, just unbelievable within 24 hours that you can be a head coach…be one of the best coaches in the nation…and within 24 hours it’s chaos, and for good reason,” he said.

“We’re kind of waiting to hear from Ohio State and Urban Meyer and Gene Smith.”

Herbstreit was also asked about Meyer’s comments at Big Ten Media Days, which are being pointed to as a key event leading to his suspension.

“It’s one thing for Urban Meyer to go to Chicago and answer those questions,” Herbstreit said. “When [Meyer] said, ‘who makes up those stories?’ it left Brett McMurphy in a position (to follow up the report).”

It was a McMurphy report revealing a 2015 domestic incident between former OSU assistant Zach Smith and his ex-wife, Courtney Smith, which Meyer was referring to. Meyer will likely regret questioning the report for a long time. His denial that any incident happened led to McMurphy following with a report published Wednesday showing text messages sent from Courtney Smith to Meyer’s wife, Shelley, about the alleged abuse. During Big Ten Media Days, Urban Meyer also commented about how close he is to Shelley, leading many to doubt that Shelley would not have told him about Smith’s abuse.

Herbstreit said he still wants to hear more before coming to a conclusion.

“Slow down, let all the information come in,” he added. “I want more information to come in. I want to see how Urban responds.”

In the meantime, the Buckeyes will be led by acting coach Ryan Day. Herbstreit thinks highly of the offensive coordinator and added he already held the belief Day was on the path to being a head coach in college football.

“They went with a very strong candidate in Ryan Day,” Herbstreit said.