The NCAA has put together a work group to explore the possibility of allowing student-athletes to transfer one time without penalty.

That has sparked a number of reactions. The Big Ten and ACC support the measure, but other conferences haven’t weighed in as of yet.

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Paul Finebaum Show,” ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit explained why he’s not sold on that idea:

“I think it gets really messy when you just start letting players come and go as they please,” he said. “I’ll just be very candid. I’m a little bit partial to this because I feel like, I’ll use myself for an example, things did not go my way when I got to Ohio State. My inclination as a 19-year-old was to leave. I wanted to go play baseball, I wanted to go to another school, I just — this was too hard, too political. I wanted out.

“My dad was from a different generation and was like, ‘You don’t have that option. You made a commitment here. You’re staying here. Get ready for spring ball. Put your best foot forward.’ That type of approach. I’m not saying that’s the answer for everybody. I’m just saying that I feel when you’re faced with adversity as an 18-, 19-, 20-year-old, picking up your ball and running to the next school is not always the answer. I think you learn about life lessons and life values when you run into a coach that’s not seeing eye to eye with you, when you run into a guy who’s maybe better than you and you have to outwork him and try to get the upper hand. I think there’s some real life lessons and it helps you really grow as a person. Things aren’t always better because you leave and go to another place.”

Things may not always be better, but many seem to support players at least having one opportunity to transfer. We’ll see what comes of this idea moving forward.