ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit does not like coach Will Muschamp’s style.

He’s made that clear a number of times through the years, but never as pointed as Saturday.

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“I think when a coach gets a second opportunity he’s able to learn from the mistakes that he made in the past and I think he’ll be able to do that,” Herbstreit said during the College Football Playoff selection show. “We call these games in college football and I think some of these coaches either don’t care or don’t realize how many cameras are on them at all times.

“If I were talking to Will Muschamp I would tell him, ‘I know you’re competitive – and I know all these coaches are competitive – but it’s one thing to be intense, it’s another thing to take it over the top.’ I think he has moments where he kind of loses it and I think as a head coach you have to be more of an executive and allow your coordinators to make decisions.

“There are moments whether he’s at Auburn or LSU or Florida, where he’s got that headset and his eyes – he’s going crazy. I think when you’re the head coach your team responds to your behavior and how you control yourself. … He’ll create a culture, he’ll go out and get a great defense but he’s got to chill out.”

Herbstreit then referenced the Iron Bowl as a time just weeks ago that Muschamp lost it.

A few Twitter users caught on to the rant, which was a bit more passionate on TV than it comes across in these quotes.

Hey, at least Herbie is consistent, right?