ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit has heard Minnesota’s pitch to host ESPN’s “College GameDay” on Nov. 9, a date most people figure the popular pregame show will be at LSU-Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

Minnesota coach P.J. Fleck made a passionate speech to sell GameDay on coming to the Golden Golphers game against Penn State on the same date, with both also being undefeated. Fleck pointed out the Minnesota has never hosted GameDay, and the Twin Cities area has 4 million people, and the only Division I school in the state is the Golden Gophers.

“All due respect to Alabama and LSU, I have no idea what’s going on with them right now,” Fleck said. “I can tell you this, you can go to them any year. Pick a year, pick a game. You can go to them every game of the season, if you would like. College GameDay is about unique stories, about unique places, about unique moments.”

Herbstreit bought the pitch Fleck sold.

“Sold me. I love it. If only I were making the decision. Love their story. Undefeated Gophers vs Undefeated Lions! Gonna be HYPED!!”

While Herbstreit has hinted on air that GameDay would be in Tuscaloosa, the official announcement typically won’t be until late Saturday night, or Sunday afternoon as it’s been the last two weeks.