After conquering NFL defenses, Lamar Jackson will now reportedly try to conquer an even tougher opponent.

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that Jackson has filed a federal lawsuit against the online retailer after taking issue with apparel being sold on the site that is similar to items sold by Jackson’s own company, Era8 Apparel.

Here’s the information the Baltimore Sun is reporting:

Jackson’s complaint, filed in Florida on Wednesday, asks Amazon to stop selling the products without permission and to provide the reigning NFL Most Valuable Player with compensation and damages. The items in question feature phrases such as “Action Jackson” and “Not bad for a running back.”

The lawsuit alleges that Amazon is damaging Jackson’s Era8 Apparel company, which sells similar products online, and confusing customers who might think he has approved the items.

Jackson was named NFL MVP in 2019 by a unanimous vote. The second-year pro was only the second player to ever receive all 50 first-place MVP votes, following Tom Brady, who first accomplished the feat back in 2010.