Lane Kiffin has reportedly led to an SEC rule change.

Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports shared Wednesday that the conference is passing a new regulation regarding warmups.

“SEC has officially passed a new regulation that all warm up activities — both pregame and after suspension of play — has to be either in the locker room or on the field. They cannot warm up in adjacent facilities, which Ole Miss did earlier this year,” Thamel tweeted, citing sources.

Ole Miss notably held pregame warmups in the team’s indoor facility instead of out on the field before facing Alabama. It was exactly one week ago that Thamel shared a change to the policy was being discussed by the conference. Thamel’s report notes that the new regulation also applies to second-half warmups.

Before the season, the NCAA made a rule that players must display jersey numbers during warmups, a policy change that frustrated Florida head coach Dan Mullen.