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Going to a college football game is an experience, in and of itself. Nothing quite exemplifies fandom and traditions like college football. Each school has its own set of rituals, habits, dances, sayings, cheers…we could go on forever. If you’ve had the pleasure of going to an NCAA College Football game, you may have noticed that the seating conditions are not always ideal and posh. College stadiums make you earn your chops, in many ways. From braving the elements, long lines at the restrooms, to the stadium’s location not serving alcohol, you know that going to a college game is vastly different than attending one at a professional venue. When you walk into the professional stadiums and arenas, you will immediately notice that you are entering a whole different ball game, when it comes to luxury and viewing experience. Most college football stadiums have extremely limited suite access. In fact, the University of Alabama’s Bryant-Denny Stadium is one of the only in the country with multiple suites available. There are 81 suites in that entire venue, so you can imagine how exclusive the invite into one of those would be; they are typically reserved exclusively for high profile athletic department boosters, or executive level sponsors. Most of the other college football stadiums have anywhere from 0-15 suites available. 

At most professional football stadiums or indoor arenas, suites are a wonderful place to seat small groups of 10-20 people comfortably, with all the wonder of taking in a game and cheering on your favorite team, without budging on amenities, or scrimping on luxuries. Attending a game in a private suite is the perfect venue for company holiday parties, to land that big business deal with the client you’ve been eyeing, hosting an amazing day out with a group of friends, or treating your family to a day away experience while also watching the game from an amazing viewpoint. Private suites take your game day experience and kick it up a few notches. 

Attending a college football game in a private suite is nearly impossible to do in your lifetime. That’s why you may be interested in attending a College Football Playoff or a college football bowl game in a private suite. College football bowl games are played in professional stadiums and arenas across the country, and with that comes access to their private luxury suites, along with all the amenities that go along with that. Most private suites come with VIP parking, private entrances, their own restrooms, club level dining, catering packages or options, personal wait staff or concierge attendants, posh luxury seating, high tech digital rooms, personal climate controls ensuring all guests are comfortable, and much more. SuiteHop is the leading online marketplace to secure your space inside one of these VIP private suites for a college football bowl game. Whether your favorite team is heading to the Orange Bowl, the Peach Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, or any of the other bowls, SuiteHop has your back and can always be trusted to deliver the facts about each stadium, the amenities included into your suite, and much more. Not to mention, the SuiteHop team of experts is super helpful and is always eager to assist matching you to your perfect private suite experience. 

The cost to reserve a private suite for an NCAA bowl game depending on the location, the matchup, and demand.  However, suites could be more affordable than you think! You could potentially land an amazing deal to watch your team play in a bowl game. Don’t wait to reserve the experience of a lifetime! Make sure you and your group get the best location and ensure you have access to catering before the deadlines pass and you won’t have the chance to customize your food and drink menu to match your guest’s preferences. SuiteHop can help you make this game an unforgettable experience.

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