As we approach the 2018 NFL Draft, there are sure to be more than a handful of SEC players taken in the first round.

In fact, the SEC has continually dominated the opening night of the draft for several years now, with more players going on Day 1 than any other conference by a wide margin.

On Wednesday afternoon, ESPN’s Chris “Bear” Fallica tweeted out the numbers, showing that the SEC has had 50 first rounders since 2013, while the second-place ACC has only had 28:

Of course, noted SEC troll Danny Kanell (a former Florida State quarterback) saw that tweet and called Fallica out for using a timeline that was favorable to the SEC:

So, Fallica went back five more years, making it an even 10-year period. And, naturally, the SEC’s draft dominance remained intact:

Kanell then doubled down, mistakenly saying the SEC had more teams in that 10-year time period than other conferences:

However, the ACC and SEC both expanded to 14 teams in 2013, so Fallica’s original tweet seems to be the best comparison of the conferences, despite Kanell’s objections.

On this belated tax day (thanks a lot, IRS computers), it’s worth mentioning that there are only three certainties in life — death, taxes and Danny Kanell trolling the SEC.