Drivers in Atlanta on Wednesday were either treated to or exposed unwillingly to a yellow hummer with a TV attached to the back of it making its way along the city’s roads.

What was showing on that TV? None other than an endless loop of the SEC Championship Game, in which the Georgia Bulldogs defeated the Auburn Tigers.

As you can see below, this was some extreme dedication by the driver, as it was a large TV streaming the game:

Surely, a vehicle with a TV like that attached to it would get pulled over by police, right? Well, actually, no. But it did have some other issues:

Obviously, Georgia fans probably weren’t as bothered by that as Auburn fans were, but it’s still a bold move by this Bulldog supporter.

Whether the driver makes another appearance on Atlanta roads remains to be seen, but if the Dawgs win the national championship, the TV-bearing Hummer could become a mainstay in the city.