This is an instance where trash talk went a bit too far.

The friendly trash talk between fans is always one of the great things about a rivalry. SEC rivalries are always heated, and fans always want to get in the last word for their team. Unfortunately, there is a fine line between friendly trash talk and taking things a bit too far.

Kentucky is getting set to host the Florida Gators on Saturday night. The annual matchup between the schools has been a sore spot for Wildcats fans as the team has not beaten Florida since 1986. That is a string of 30 straight victories by the Gators that Kentucky would love to end.

Tensions are building with a lot at stake this weekend, but one Kentucky fan crossed the line. A photo of a fan-made UK banner was shared on Twitter with a reference to Hurricane Irma:

Irma hit Florida hard and devastated many people. When it comes to trash talk, this is one topic that should be avoided.

Kickoff Saturday is set for 7:30 pm EST on the SEC Network.