Lou Holtz isn’t one to stay silent.

The former Notre Dame head coach-turned-media-pundit has a penchant for providing colorful commentary and insight. Tuesday afternoon was no different — as he appeared on the Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly radio show.

Mattingly asked Holtz about his thoughts on this year’s upcoming SEC slate. Perhaps surprising to some, Holtz doesn’t believe Alabama will win the SEC West in 2016. However he is bullish on Arkansas and head coach Bret Bielema. As Holtz said, “I’ve been very impressed with Bret Bielema. I think he’s a very good coach, a very solid coach, and he’ll do a good job.”

A few weeks ago, Holtz also appeared at the Republican National Convention — sporting a Crown Royal velvet bag. It took the social media world by storm, as Holtz was photographed cheerfully holding the purple sack.

Holtz addressed this with Mattingly, and confessed the popular whisky was in fact not in the bag. Instead, it held some of his personal items — including his cell phone, pipe, and medicine.

Kudos to Holtz for not only being resourceful, but also stylish with his carrying vessel. There’s no word on whether he indeed did drink the whisky prior to utilizing the bag as a faux knapsack.