Even during an event that took place on the other side of the world, the LSU-Auburn rivalry was brought up. As  the United States wrapped up a 16-14 victory over the International team in Australia, broadcaster Brandel Chamblee made an interesting analogy between those teams and the SEC rivals.

Asked if the cream would eventually rise to the top in terms of talent on each team, Chamblee agreed during a post-tournament segment on the Golf Channel.

“When you just looked at it on paper,” he said, “… I talked to some friends of mine who are big football fans, you’re certainly in this category, I said, ‘To try to give you some analogy, world rank, in terms of the favorites, it’s not quite LSU versus Yale, but it’s LSU versus Auburn, and I don’t believe Auburn is going to beat LSU anytime soon. On paper, it didn’t look like the International team could beat the United States, but they made it very interesting.”

It’s unlikely that Gus Malzahn will get bulletin board material from the Golf Channel, but most coaches will take it anywhere they can find it. For what it’s worth, Chamblee played college golf at Texas.