Whether it was on purpose or just an ironic mistake, you’re sure to get a kick out of this.

LSU will be hosting Florida in Death Valley this weekend in a meeting that has been postponed for several weeks after Hurricane Matthew forced the Gators (and the SEC) to move the game away from Gainesville.

Let’s just say things didn’t go over very smoothly; Florida didn’t want to give up a home game (who would?) and fought the inevitable until the very end.

On Monday, media credentials for the rescheduled game were handed out and there’s an obvious printing error on the passes:

While that’s not all that big of a deal, what’s curious is LSU recent announcement regarding a last-minute change for traveling Florida fans. Instead of being in the usual pocket in the southeast corner of the stadium, Gators fans will be next to the student section:

We’re not sure if LSU is subtly trying to make Saturday’s contest as miserable as possible for Florida fans, but one thing is clear: this should be a fun one to watch.