The 2020 NFL Draft is still scheduled to be held from April 23-25, though it won’t be held in Las Vegas anymore.

The lack of pro days and the ability to meet players hampers NFL teams’ evaluation processes, but a number of top players are sure-fire prospects nonetheless.

So, who are the 3 most NFL-ready prospects in the draft class? ESPN’s Mel Kiper named Auburn DL Derrick Brown and Alabama OL Jedrick Wills Jr. as 2 of the 3 most-ready guys (via

“Certainly, I think Isaiah Simmons, with the versatility he has, will be the No. 1 guy on that list,” Kiper said Wednesday during a conference call to discuss his Mock Draft 3.0. “He can run, he can cover — I mean, covers like a safety/corner, can get to the cornerback. He would be the one guy you would highlight just because he’s the most versatile. He would be the so-called most NFL-ready player. I would say Derrick Brown. Went back for his final year at Auburn when he could’ve come out last year. I think he has another year of experience, did a great job at Auburn. I think Derrick Brown, you know what you’re getting out of the defensive tackle from Auburn for that reason. Then you look at a guy like Jedrick Wills Jr., the right tackle out of Alabama. He’s a solid player, he’s technically sound, he’s consistent. He didn’t have any hiccups at right tackle this year. He’s the type of guy who could be a plug-and-play right tackle.

“There’s others, but I think the top of the list would be Isaiah Simmons.”

All 3 of those guys are locks to be Round 1 picks. We’ll see where they go at the end of next month.