Maroon and white has taken a back seat to splotches of gold and silver in recent years during Mississippi State’s current agreement with Adidas, a company that has taken the Bulldogs’ traditional uniforms to new heights.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Mississippi StateMississippi State’s double-layered wordmark across its jersey has remain unchanged (sans a HAIL STATE one-off for the 2013 Egg Bowl), but numerals and helmets have received the alternate touch. The Bulldogs now have a variety of gloss to matte helmet looks and traded the ribbon M-STATE primary logo which debuted in 2004 for oversized alternate logos in certain matchups.

Last season’s Egg Bowl uniform was one of Adidas’ best with the Bulldogs and featured gold numerals, a glossy maroon helmet with a gold-foiled facemask.

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Mississippi

During the 2012 campaign, Mississippi State unleashed a white and silver alternate that was an ode to the Bulldogs’ appearance in the snow-filled 2000 Independence Bowl. White helmets featured a silver, anondized Bulldogs secondary logo.

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Louisiana StateFollowing Sylvester Croom’s departure in 2008, Mississippi State added black alternates under Dan Mullen, a first for the program. It was the first of many notable alternates the ex-Florida assistant would bring to Starkville, including last season’s 100-year throwbacks.

After a long hiatus, Mississippi State brought back grey pants during its 2013 Gator Bowl appearance against Northwestern, complete with silver numerals and maroon accents on its jerseys. Paired with a matte maroon helmet, it was one of the best looks during bowl season.


Current preferred uniform combinations