Will Muschamp can separate business life from his personal life, and he insists that he’s not bitter how things ended at the University of Florida.

That’s sometimes hard to do for many folks in many industries, but not Muschamp.

“I have zero bitterness,” Muschamp told CBS Sports. “I have nothing but great memories of the University of Florida, of Gainesville. People look at me like I’m nuts, but I do. I wish we’d have won more games, [but] we changed the culture of that program.”

CBS Sports Dennis Dodd pressed Muschamp further about the culture change.

“[We] changed the culture of the program that was labeled by the previous head coach as ‘broken,’” Muschamp said, referring to the coach he replaced, Urban Meyer. “He said it, I didn’t.”

Even when Muschamp was in the midst of the turmoil of the 4-8 season, I called for Muschamp to get another shot in 2014. It obviously didn’t work out, but I still stand by the reasoning that Muschamp will be a good head coach someday. He’s learning from one of the brightest offensive minds in football in Gus Malzahn, and as long as Auburn stays in the national spotlight — which it will — Muschamp will get another shot to coach a big-time program.

Dodd did a fine job on this detailed Muschamp article that fans will enjoy.