We have some potentially big news to share from the NCAA as the organization has just announced its Board of Governors are set to meet in November to “propose dramatic changes to the NCAA Constitution” moving forward.

The plan is for the NCAA to rewrite its constitution with a 22-person Constitution Review Committee. All three levels of the NCAA, Division I, Division II and Division III, will be affected according to the organization.

Per the NCAA, the committee will be charged with identifying the core principles that define college sports and proposing a new governance model that allows for quicker change without sacrificing broader values.

“As the national landscape changes, college sports must also quickly adapt to become more responsive to the needs of college athletes and current member schools,” said Jack DeGioia, chair of the Board of Governors and president of Georgetown. “This effort will position the NCAA to continue providing meaningful opportunities for current college athletes and those for generations to come.”

Without a doubt, big change has occurred within college sports in a short span of time. The real question is will the NCAA ultimately survive to see the other side of those changes.