Nothing is official at this point but it appears the ongoing dead period in recruiting will be extended once again. The current dead period runs through April 15th.

If you are unaware, a dead period in recruiting means prospects are not allowed to make official and/or unofficial visits to campus. Coaches are also not allowed to hit the road and recruit during a dead period. Any in-person contact between coaches and prospects is illegal during a recruiting dead period.

On Thursday, the NCAA Football Oversight Committee made its recommendation that the dead period be extended to May 31 due to “ongoing uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and concern regarding in-person interaction among prospective student-athletes, institutional staff and student-athletes.”

The next step in this process comes when the NCAA Division I Council makes a ruling on what to do with the dead period. That decision is expected to come next week.

During his National Signing Day press conference, Jimbo Fisher said the Aggies were hoping to be able to host recruits for Texas A&M’s upcoming spring game — which was scheduled to take place on April 17. However, that won’t be allowed if the dead period is extended.

“We’ll (start spring practice) in March, we have our spring game set for April 17th,” Fisher said. “So hopefully they’ve got the date where you can’t come on campus is April 15th, if that doesn’t change, we’ll be allowed to have fans and recruits and things on campus.

“Now, if that changes, we’ll have to adjust, but we’re going to keep it right there with the spring game and we’ll start right in the back end of March, where the normal spring break would have been the very next week. We’ll start the same and it works out perfectly on April 17 for our spring game.”