It was expected for a while, but the NCAA made official this week what many expected in terms of one-time transfers for athletes across college sports.

Jon A. Steinbrecher, the chair of the working group on transfers, offered a statement on Thursday which said the NCAA allowing transfers a one-time ability to compete immediately “provides a uniform, equitable and understandable approach that benefits all student-athletes.”

The move reverses the previous rule where transfers had to sit out a year of competition if they didn’t have a hardship, and means major college football and basketball players will be permitted to transfer one time before graduating without being required to sit out a year of competition.

South Dakota State athletic director Justin Sell, a member of the council, said the lack of uniformity in the rules across sports had become difficult to justify.

“Trying to create opportunities for students that are equitable across the board, it becomes much more difficult to create a case of why a football student-athlete should be sitting out when a volleyball student-athlete doesn’t have to,” Sell said, per the Associated Press.

Before this move, criticism largely focused on the inconsistent nature of the transfer process, particularly around high-profile quarterbacks like Justin Fields, who transferred from Georgia to Ohio State. The waiver process was viewed by those critics as inconsistent and unfair.