Once again, the length of college football games is becoming a major issue, as the average FBS game is now going 3 hours and 22 minutes, a 4-minute increase from 5 years ago.

According to a report by The Athletic’s Seth Emerson, NCAA officials have found the cause of college football games that are getting longer and longer, year after year.

The culprits aren’t replay or timeouts, either.

Officials reportedly now believe that an increase in passing plays is the main reason games are going longer as the years go on.

One of the solutions to this time issue would be to treat incomplete passes like plays where the ball runs out of bounds — the clock would stop only until the ball is set to be hiked again. And then the clock would run again, except for in the last 2 minutes of the first half and the final 5 minutes of regulation.

Until this solution or another one is put into place, viewers will be at the mercy of the sophisticated modern passing games that are slowly turning college football games into mini-marathons.