The NCAA is set to approve a significant rule change related to first downs, according to a report from Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports.

The rule changes will allow the clock to run after first downs are achieved in all divisions except Division III, CBS Sports has reported. The clock will continue to stop after first downs during the final 2 minutes of each half.

The approval will come from the Playing Rules Oversight Panel that annually vets rules changes as proposed by the NCAA Football Rules Committee, which made this recommendation in March.

About 2 months ago, non-controversial rule change proposals included prohibiting consecutive timeouts were discussed, such as icing kickers, and no longer extending a first or third quarter for an untimed down if the quarter ends on a defensive penalty (the down would be clocked starting the next quarter).

Dodd reported that stopping the clock after first downs has been one of the rules that has differentiated college football from the NFL since 1968. Allowing the clock to run is expected to reduce the number of plays by an average of 7 per game, according to Steve Shaw, secretary-editor of the rules committee.