Brent Musburger has long been known almost as much for his propensity for gambling and point spreads as he is for his long sports broadcasting career.

So when Musberger publishes his opinion about the current college football season, fans tends to sit up and notice.

“I begin with Clemson and Alabama, thus joining everybody else with an opinion,” Musberger wrote in a piece in the New York Post.

Musberger, who is also affiliated with the Vegas Stats & Information Network, outlined many of the common contenders in Power 5 conferences that most observers will be in the mix, at least for their conference title. Then he came out with his four teams to make the College Football Playoff. He later admitted that the Big 12 and Big Ten teams were difficult to choose.

“I’m predicting Michigan and Washington will join Clemson and Alabama,” he wrote. “Admittedly, Michigan is a risky choice. Part of my reasoning focuses on the committee, which has snubbed the Big Ten conference the past two years. That’s bad business. The Big Ten produces huge TV ratings, and that means more money for the colleges in the next contract. Barring a performance meltdown, I cannot see the conference being snubbed a third straight season.”

Musberger then went with a familiar program to take home the crown.

“So who wins the championship? Roll Tide! Alabama avenges last year’s debacle. Nick Saban wins his sixth national championship, and quarterback Tua Tagovailoa also hoists the Heisman. As usual, it’s a good time to be in Tuscaloosa.”