The Pac-12 recently unveiled its 2020 schedule, complete with a conference-only model during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So far, the only Power 5 conference not playing a conference-only model is the Big 12; however, that will likely change in the near-future.

A group of Pac-12 players have threatened to boycott or opt out of the 2020 season if a list of demands aren’t met. Those demands had been briefly mentioned, but on Sunday morning, the players revealed the complete list in a post on The Players’ Tribune.

The most important topics are to restore eliminated sports, reduce the pay for Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott and others, and 50 percent compensation from revenue generated by their sport.

“#WeAreUnited in our commitment to secure fair treatment for college athletes,” the players wrote. “Due to COVID-19 and other serious concerns, we will opt-out of Pac-12 fall camp and game participation unless the following demands are guaranteed in writing by our conference to protect and benefit both scholarship athletes and walk-ons.”

The list of demands are below and discussed in much more detail on The Players’ Tribune website.

  • Health and safety protections: Players want to have the ability to not play during the pandemic without losing their roster spot or scholarship.
  • Protect all sports: The players want Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott, administrators and coaches to “drastically reduce excessive pay and end performance/academic bonuses.” The players also want “lavish facility expenditures” to end.
  • End racial injustice in college sports and society: The players want a task force of leaders and administrators to “address racial injustice in college sports and society.” The players also want 2 percent of conference revenue “to support financial aid for low-income Black students.”
  • Economic freedom and equity: Guaranteed medical expense coverage, NLI rights and representation and fair market pay, rights and freedoms. The players want the conference to distribute 50 percent of each sport’s total conference revenue evenly among athletes of those sports.