Paul Finebaum is not entertaining the idea of the SEC missing out on the College Football Playoff.

On Get Up on Tuesday morning, Finebaum dismissed the idea that the SEC could miss out on the CFP completely if Alabama beats Georgia, leaving both teams with one loss each. Finebaum said that the ideas of having Florida State in the CFP over Georgia or Alabama is “preposterous.”

“Over my dead body. That’s not happening,” Finebaum said. “I am not going to allow it Dan, I’ll stand outside that door in Grapevine, Texas and demand it. And I’m not saying that because I live and work in the SEC, but what I do know is that the SEC is the best conference. I mean in the AP Poll yesterday I think five of the top 11 teams are from the SEC and you’re going to tell me that Florida State without its best player, which struggled against a 7-loss Florida team Saturday, deserves to be in, should be in over Alabama or Georgia? That is preposterous. I don’t want to say they need to blow up the Playoff because they already did and we’re having 12 next year. But it would be patently absurd.”

This Saturday’s slate of conference championships will sort out the College Football Playoff picture. There are a few scenarios that will leave the CFP committee with lots of headaches and figuring out to do, but we will know who will compete in the CFP come Sunday.