Paul Finebaum did not hold back when asked to speak on the state of Clemson’s program after losing again on Saturday night to NC State.

The Tigers are now 4-4 on the season, marking the first time they’ve been .500 this late in the season since 2010. The loss also snapped Clemson’s streak of 12 consecutive double-digit win seasons.

While speaking with Matt Barrie on Sunday morning, Finebaum shared his take on the Tigers.

“The saddest story in college football this year is Dabo Swinney and Clemson,” Finebaum said. “And Matt, there’s not a single person outside of that area code who is feeling sorry.”

Finebaum said Swinney is paying for his attitude towards the transfer portal, NIL and other changes across the college football landscape.

“He has made countless mistakes and it’s now blowing up,” Finebaum said. “I thinkt he real question for Dabo Swinney and Clemson is, ‘Can he get it back?’ I mean, these are not easy things to get back. Nebraska has been in the wilderness for 25 years. Other programs have been out there. And it’s very possible that the program — along with Alabama — of last 10 years in all of college football may be done.”

Clemson is 7-7 over its last 14 games and will have another tough test this weekend. The Tigers are underdogs in Week 10 as they host Notre Dame on Saturday.

Finebaum questioned if Swinney’s time as an elite college football coach is in the rearview mirror.

“Is this program done? And quite frankly, is Dabo Swinney done?” Finebaum asked. “And I know that sounds harsh and I know it sounds like a rush to judgement. But every time he talks, he sticks his foot deeper down his mouth.

“They’re going to have to fight for a bowl game. And this is just unbelievable when you think about it.”

Kickoff is set for 12 p.m. ET on Saturday afternoon.