When the 2018 season kicks off, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi State and Texas A&M will all have new coaches, and Ole Miss coach Matt Luke will no longer have the “interim” tag attached to his name.

These hires need to work out for the schools or else they’ll likely be back on the market in a couple of years looking to do it all over again.

On “The Opening Drive” on WJOX on Monday morning, ESPN host Paul Finebaum weighed in on the new hires, highlighting Florida’s Dan Mullen, Texas A&M’s Jimbo Fisher and Mississippi State’s Joe Moorhead as the three hires he liked best.

“I’ll answer that on a couple of different levels,” he said when asked what his favorite hire was. “Certainly, Jimbo Fisher is the most impactful hire. You have to wonder what his state of mind is and whether he needs a recharge. I push him over to Texas A&M because I think that has the most chance of having an immediate impact in terms of the SEC West.

“On the other side, I do think Dan Mullen was a very good hire at Florida because of the familiarity. Certainly, Moorhead at Mississippi State was the cleanest hire, and also he may be in the best position because of Nick Fitzgerald. I would start with those three. The rest of them, I think, are to be determined.”

The rest of them are Matt Luke at Ole Miss, Chad Morris at Arkansas and Jeremy Pruitt at Tennessee.

It’ll be interesting to see which coaches have immediate success, but it’s important to give these guys a couple of years before we start judging them too harshly.