Known for his occasional fiery takes, Paul Finebaum seems to be in utter disbelief at the events to come out of Columbus on Friday.

Whether it’s the statement released by Urban Meyer claiming he knew about the 2015 domestic violence incident involving his former assistant coach Zach Smith (a direct contradiction to his statements at Big Ten Media Days), which we now know only came after finding out Smith was participating in an interview with ESPN in which he was going to reveal Meyer’s knowledge of the incident. Adding another layer to this saga, Smith claims Ohio State AD Gene Smith (no relation to Zach or Courtney Smith) was also fully aware of the allegations against the former Ohio State position coach.

For what it’s worth, Zach Smith claims he never abused his wife during the ESPN interview, which was immediately proven to be a lie when Brett McMurphy released a text message of Smith admitting he assaulted his ex-wife.

Following all that drama, Finebaum appeared on SportsCenter to share his thoughts on the events. He did not hold anything back.

“(Meyer) lied, let’s not sugar coat it,” Finebaum said. “If he would lie then, how should we believe he would not be lying at the next interview or the next inquisition? I found his statement today to be utterly laughable. That Urban Meyer, one of the greatest coaches in modern college football history, who has won games against Michigan on the goal line in overtime, was unprepared at Big Ten Media Days. That just doesn’t fly with me and I don’t think it’s going to fly with anyone else.

“This is a PR stunt that we are watching today. That Urban Meyer’s letter to the alums comes out simultaneously to Zach Smith’s interview. There are so many disturbing aspects to what Urban Meyer said but not nearly as many as I just heard with Dan’s (SportsCenter interview: that interview can be found here) with Zach Smith. I just cringe.

“I cringe listening to this man, and I’ll throw Urban Meyer in here as well. Throwing his ex-wife (Courtney Smith) under the bus. That is apparently the defense at Ohio State. ‘Let’s blame it on her. She was the aggressor, not me!’

“I’ll tell you something, I watched both interviews — as everyone has by now, Zach vs. Courtney — I believe her. She looks like a victim, she sounds like a victim and she looked like a victim when you see the bruises and the scars and the blood, she looks exactly like someone that has been beaten up by an abuser. By someone who has no regard for women. I didn’t hear anything from him that was credible. Everything was an excuse, everything was blame the other person and if that’s what Ohio State wants to put up and put out as their defense then good for them.”

You can judge for yourself by watching Courtney Smith’s interview here.