Does major college football even need the NCAA at this point?

According to SEC Network host Paul Finebaum, the answer is clearly no.

The South’s most popular radio voice recently had Michael Hsu, Regent at the University of Minnesota, on his radio show to discuss the future of college athletics in the post-coronavirus world and Hsu offered up his belief that the Power 5 would break away from the NCAA in the next few years.

Following those comments from Hsu, when asked to share his take during a Wednesday appearance on ESPN morning show “Get Up,” Finebaum agreed with the Minnesota Regent.

“I think this is the moment that a lot of people are looking around saying, why do we need the NCAA? I know the basketball tournament is important. I know all these other sports are important, but the people that sit at that table, the five Power 5 commissioners plus Jack Swarbrick, plus a few other people, run college football,” Finebaum said on the show. “The NCAA does not run college football, they lost that a long time ago, and I think they’re seeing the ineptitude of the NCAA especially of the leadership that currently exists. And I think we’re moving slowly, when I mean slowly, maybe a couple of years you can’t do this overnight, but I think ultimately you are going to see a break.”

Would a massive move like that be good for college football?

Finebaum believes so based on the current state of leadership we’ve seen from the NCAA.

“I think they would be better because you would have the Power 5 commissioners, the people that really matter, the people that contribute the large amounts of money into football controlling it versus a number of people who they have earned their spot at the table they don’t have the same issues as Florida and Southern Cal and Notre Dame and LSU,” the SEC Network host continued.

“So I do think because of that, they would be more lenient, they would be more amenable to player rights… I know the NCAA decision came out last week, it’s still being disputed, we still don’t know what’s going on because with the NCAA, Greenie, I know I’m gonna sound like a broken record, we never know what’s going on.”