Paul Finebaum understands the seismic shift that Southern Cal and UCLA did this week moving to the Big Ten. He shared his thoughts on ESPN Radio on the show, “Keyshawn, JWill and Max.”

“This is such a significant move, because the Pac-12 was just drifting off toward Hawaii as an eyesore,” Finebaum said. “And with this sudden move yesterday, Southern Cal is right back in the money. I think they were eventually going to be anyway because of what Lincoln Riley is doing. But they were always going to be held back by an inferior league that has all these attributes that just simply don’t work very well. In the Big Ten, they’re back on Broadway.”

Finebaum added that the Los Angeles media market enters the mix to expand the footprint of the Big Ten. It also positions the Big Ten and the SEC far and away above the other Power 5 leagues, which Finebaum described as “also rans.”

“We have the battle that we see on Wall Street all the time, this is Coke and Pepsi, this is Miller versus Budweiser, and quite frankly, nobody else matters, guys,” Finebaum said. “And we still don’t know about maybe the biggest chip on the board that remains, and that’s Notre Dame. What do they end up doing?”

Finebaum then added if Notre Dame doesn’t go to the ACC, Clemson should watch out, “because you don’t want anymore of that place any longer.”