Paul Finebaum doesn’t get stunned too often. He’s seen it all in the world of SEC football.

But, on Wednesday night, when Alabama coach Nick Saban called out Texas A&M for “buying” every player in its historic 2022 recruiting class, the SEC Network host was actually stunned.

On Thursday morning, Finebaum appeared on “Get Up” on ESPN and said it was wild to see Saban accuse Jimbo Fisher of cheating:

“I am gobsmacked by what he said,” Finebaum said. “Not because I haven’t heard him insinuate that privately, but for Nick Saban, the greatest coach of all-time, to go public and accuse one of his biggest rivals of essentially cheating (although that’s open for interpretation), is really stunning. He’s insinuated this in the past, but one thing you have to remember about Nick Saban, he always is complimentary toward everyone else, even when you know it’s passive-aggressive.

“This was way off script. He’s been leading toward this for some time. But that volcano erupted last night.”

This story is just getting started. Saban hasn’t responded to Fisher’s angry press conference yet. Oh, and the SEC spring meetings in Destin are coming up soon, too. Things are going to get even more heated between the Aggies and Tide!