If you’re going to call “The Paul Finebaum Show,” be careful with which coaches put in the same sentence as Nick Saban.

Clemson site TigerNet.com shared a clip from Friday’s edition of “Finebaum” (which sadly was not on the SEC Network due to the team takeovers) in which Paul Finebaum goes off on a Tigers fan for allegedly equating Dabo Swinney to the Alabama coach. The Soundcloud clip posted to Tiger Net begins mid-conversation, when Finebaum starts to go off on the caller and Clemson’s fanbase as a whole.

“How can you put Dabo in the same sentence as Nick Saban?” Finebaum asked. It was only the beginning.

“Who died and made Dabo Swinney the greatest coach of all time?” Finebaum said. “He’s got one national championship, ok? I don’t understand this.”

The SEC Network host reminded the caller that one national championship puts Swinney in the company of former Miami coach Larry Coker and former Auburn coach Gene Chizki, both of whom were pushed out after things went south for the Hurricanes and Tigers.

Finebaum was so mad with the caller he took a shot at the entire Clemson fanbase.

“Since when did Clemson become the it school in the universe?” he asked. “I’ve never heard a more intoxicated fan base in my life.”

Audio of the highly entertaining exchange can be heard below: