Paul Finebaum did not mince words when asked about the SEC’s Week 1 performance, specifically how Florida, South Carolina and LSU lost high-profile games.

“There’s no way to sugar coat it, it was a terrible weekend,” he said on his regular Monday appearance on WJOX’s “McElroy and Cubelic In the morning.” “You can look at the other wins and say, ‘SEC! SEC,’ but those were the 3 games that everybody was zeroed in on. Those were the single-digit spread games. Everything else, including Tennessee-Virginia, were into the stratosphere, so how do you come out of the first weekend feeling very good, especially considering that 2 of those losses were to the ACC, especially 2 schools that many wonder could end up being in the SEC at some point.”

Finebaum added that while LSU was the pick of many to make the College Football Playoff, the Tigers are now out of mulligans after the humbling defeat to Florida State.

“They have to win out, unless some crazy circumstance occurs,” he said. “I didn’t come out of it feeling great about the SEC, but then again, I think the (LSU loss to Florida State) was probably the fairest comparison, and it came out terrible.”

Of the 3 teams, Finebaum said LSU has the best chance to bounce back.

“They have the talent, Cole, as you know,” Finebaum said. “South Carolina really underwhelmed me, I’ll defer to Greg, since he knows a lot more about that than I do. And Florida, the danger for Billy Napier right now is suffering another bad loss in 2 weeks, and having people completely write him off. He is in the danger zone, no matter how much of a Pollyanna you want to be.”