If you missed the news this week, SEC Network pregame show “SEC Nation” will look much different this season according to a report from Andrew Marchand of the New York Post.

According to Marchand’s reporting, Paul Finebaum and Marcus Spears are moving on from the show, while Jordan Rodgers has been added to the SEC Network pregame show that airs live from a campus location every Saturday morning in the fall.

Based on recent comments given by Paul Finebaum when asked about the report, it appears the New York Post is on top of the latest shakeup at the SEC Network. During his Thursday appearance on Alabama-based WNSP 105.5 FM radio program “The Opening Kickoff,” Finebaum was asked to comment on the report.

“Obviously, I saw that. In keeping with ESPN rules and guidelines, I am encouraged not to discuss any personnel changes until the network announces them,” Finebaum responded when asked for a comment.

While that’s far from a confirmation, the SEC Network host didn’t deny the report when given the opportunity to do so.

After making those remarks, Finebaum then offered up high praise for the analyst set to replace him on “SEC Nation,” at least according to the New York Post.

“I think what he’s really famous for is being a good commentator. Rodgers is one of my favorite ones at ESPN,” Finebaum added. “If that report is true, then I wholeheartedly endorse the decision.”

To no surprise, the SEC Network host couldn’t resist the opportunity to poke fun of the situation before moving on to another topic. The final comment Finebaum had on the topic was a good one.

“Listen, you guys know me pretty well. I’m never one that likes to, you know, decline comment but I’ve got this piece of paper in front of me telling me I can’t talk,” Finebaum joked.

Once again, that’s far from a denial of the New York Post’s reporting on the issue.