As COVID-19 cases continue to spread across the United States, more doubt is creeping in about the likelihood of having a full 2020 college football season that starts on time.

SEC Network host Paul Finebaum has been growing more pessimistic about certain aspects of the season as the summer wears on.

Speaking with Scott Fowler of The Charlotte Observer, Finebaum outlined his best-case scenario for the season, and it involves being patient for another month before making any tough calls:

SF: What in your view is the best-case scenario at this point?

PF: I think probably the best case is to put off any important decisions for three to four weeks. … I think they’ll keep pushing, keep moving the invisible deadline to where, if the country is still in a freefall in a couple of weeks, then I don’t think they’ll have much choice but to then say, ‘We can’t do it at all’ or ‘We’re going to pause here and give it a few more weeks and maybe start in mid-September or late September.’

If you’re the SEC, ACC, Big Ten — maybe you just play conference games. I think the non-conference games are in serious jeopardy.

Charlotte plays at Tennessee on opening weekend (Sept. 5). You would think Tennessee is looking at it going, ‘We’re going to spend $2 million to bring a team in?’ I mean, assuming they could even get the game? And then not have any fans, or have very few fans? I think economic decisions will start coming into play as well.

As Finebaum says, there is still time to wait before making any final decisions, but the time is coming when tough choices will need to be made. We’ll see if things change over the course of the next month.