The new Phil Steele magazine is out which means it’s time to share the college football insider’s projected order of finish in the SEC for the 2021 season.

Last season, Steele accurately predicted Alabama to win the West but he missed the mark in the East, as he had Georgia winning and Florida finishing second in the division.

If you’ve missed it, Steele has also noted Tennessee is the team he’s most concerned with this season out of the SEC, while he has Ole Miss as the biggest surprise team in the SEC.

Here are Steele’s projected order of finish for both SEC divisions:

SEC West

#1 Alabama

#2 Texas A&M

#3 LSU

#4 Ole Miss

#5 Auburn

#6. Mississippi State

#7 Arkansas

SEC East

#1 Georgia

#2 Florida

#3 Kentucky

#4 Missouri

#5 South Carolina

#6 Tennessee

#7 Vanderbilt