We all love Phyllis from Mulga, Ala., one of Paul Finebaum’s daily callers on his multi-hour radio show televised by the SEC Network.

On Monday, the infamous Alabama fan delivered a rant for the ages when she responded to Colin Cowherd’s ‘Nick Saban’s dynasty is nearing its end’ comments following the Crimson Tide’s loss to Ole Miss on Saturday.

We’ve included the video, but here’s a few of her priceless points:

  • ‘You need to go back to whatever the hell you was doing before you got on the radio.’
  • ‘You don’t hate any team in this nation except for ‘Bama, you know why? Because they’re better than what you’ve got.’
  • ‘You could never coach.’
  • ‘You’re jealous. Bama’s coming back. The dynasty is not over, Cowturd.’
  • ‘Roll Tide.’