SEC commissioner Greg Sankey and the rest of the staff working on College Football Playoff expansion logistics have a lot of questions to answer by 2026.

Sankey says the main question that needs to be answered is what day of the week games will be played.

“I expect we’ll spend a lot of time on the calendar,” Sankey told 247Sports. “I would put the dates for these games at the top of the list of things where we need to spend time.”

A problem for these logistics is the NFL and keeping away from crossing with its viewers. That leaves the possibility of a weekday College Football Playoff game across the 12-team slate.

So should they be played on weeknights?

“We’ll see. I’d say ‘probably’,” Sankey explained. “But I don’t know that that’s likely. I think that that when you’re trying to play four games, that doesn’t happen in a day, but that’s exactly the reason we have to dig into the calendar—to have a full understanding.”