OK, so everybody had that, right? South Carolina shocks No. 5 Tennessee, Arkansas blasts Ole Miss, Vandy topples Florida. No, didn’t have that? Hmm, well, let’s start on next week.

With one last chance to get this right, here’s our final edition of predicting the SEC team’s final regular season record.


Alabama: 10-2

Auburn doesn’t look like the pushover that they once did. And Austin Peay certainly didn’t get the Tide’s A-game effort. But even if Alabama doesn’t particularly play its best game, the Tide should have enough to nab their 10th win.

Arkansas: 7-5

An impressive victory for the Hogs sets them up for a 7th win at Mizzou. The one X-factor here is that Arkansas is playing only for bowl position, while a 5-6 Missouri team is playing for bowl eligibility. Still, you’d have to figure that a team that thumps Ole Miss has enough firepower to outlast the Tigers.

Auburn: 5-7

Auburn took care of Western Kentucky, but of course, Alabama is a different matter. As much of a feel-good story as the Cadillac Williams stint has been, Alabama didn’t get where it is by falling victim to sentiment. We’ll take the Tide.

Even with LSU on the road, A&M can’t score enough points to keep up with the Tigers. It’s certainly been an impressive season for LSU, and UT’s stumble ought to lock in Brian Kelly as the SEC Coach of the Year.

Mississippi State: 7-5

Given that Ole Miss seems to have quit on the season, State has a better chance than we thought at an 8th win. Still, at the end of the day, we’ll pick the Rebels to win the Egg Bowl.

Ole Miss: 9-3

See above. The Auburn rumors for Lane Kiffin seemed to infect the Rebels against Arkansas. The Rebels’ explosiveness on the ground should be the difference against Mississippi State … but then, it didn’t do much against Arkansas. So say it’s about Ole Miss’ defense, which surely can’t lay an egg 2 weeks in a row.

Texas A&M: 4-8

An ugly 20-3 win over UMass didn’t do anything to make us think the Aggies end the SEC season with an upset of LSU. Consider this A&M team Exhibit A as to the fundamental unpredictability of college football. It’s a lesson Jimbo Fisher won’t be forgetting.


Florida: 6-6

OK, so the same South Carolina team that Florida thumped a week ago destroyed Tennessee … a few hours after the Gators lost to Vanderbilt. It’s hard to pick a team that loses to Vandy to beat a Florida State team that has significantly more positive momentum than the Gators, so we’ll drop UF to 6-6. Again, college football is unpredictable.

In any given game, there can be a facet of UGA that’s pretty pedestrian. It was the offense this week, which probably means they’ll put up 50 points on Georgia Tech next week.

Kentucky: 6-6

Much like Florida/Florida State, the momentum in Kentucky/Louisville is not with the SEC team. Much like UF, UK certainly has enough talent to beat Lousiville, particularly if Malik Cunningham sits out another game. But if push comes to shove, we’ll call for a UK loss.

Missouri: 5-7

New Mexico State was easily dispensed with, but Arkansas will be a bigger challenge. Missouri’s defense brings a blue-collar sensibility to every game, but it’ll have some work to slow down Raheim Sanders and KJ Jefferson.

South Carolina: 7-5

The temptation is to pick Carolina to beat Clemson as well and end its 8-game losing streak to its hated in-state rival … and that’s far from impossible. That said, the most likely follow-up from the emotional win over Tennessee is for the tank to be a little bit empty against the Tigers. We’ll go against the SEC again on rivalry week. Of course, all 3 SEC/ACC matchups could just as easily go for the SEC.

Tennessee: 10-2

So, that bit about nobody challenging the Vols, just a clever joke, right? OK, OK, we’ll admit, we did not see Carolina putting up 63 points via Spencer Rattler’s career game against the Vols. Vandy looks significantly more challenging than it did, but surely Tennesee won’t lay another egg.

Vanderbilt: 5-7

Clark Lea’s amazing turnaround could only have one more insane act … beating UT to get bowl eligibility would be genuinely shocking. But that feels like a bridge too far for the Dores.