Eight weeks of SEC football are now in the rearview, and it’s a long way from the preseason. So take all of those preseason predictions, wad them up, and throw them out. Now start again.

Here’s how we see the regular season shaking down for each SEC school, after Week 8.


Alabama: 11-1

It’s an off week next for the Tide, and the road games at LSU and Ole Miss could be interesting, but we’ll stick with Bama in both. The strides made in playing a pass-heavy offense from last week to this week were not inconsequential. Anything can happen … but we’ll stick with 11-1 for the Tide.

Arkansas: 8-4

Arkansas looks pretty secure for 7 wins, and could end up 9-3. The back-to-back home games against LSU and Ole Miss will likely tell the tale, and at the moment, we’ll project them to split those and finish 8-4.

Auburn: 4-8

The Tigers might have a shot at Mississippi State or Texas A&M, but we’ll stay at 4-8 for now. It’s a long and winding route to a bowl game for this team.

LSU: 8-4

An impressive win gets the Tigers a little extra credit with us. Alabama is still probably a loss and winning both at Arkansas and at A&M is a pretty tall order. So we’ll say LSU splits that pair and reaches 8 wins, in an impressive first season for Brian Kelly.

Mississippi State: 7-5

No real surprise that the Bulldogs didn’t beat Bama. They’re still solidly better than Auburn and East Tennessee State, but Georgia and visiting Ole Miss look pretty tough right now. Still, a 7-5 season in the SEC West isn’t exactly chopped liver.

Ole Miss: 9-3

Tough loss for the Rebels. Alabama is a likely loss, State is a likely win, and at A&M and at Arkansas will probably be a split, which puts the Rebels at 9-3. Ole Miss probably ends up 2nd in the West regardless.

Texas A&M: 6-6

The Aggies have joined the underachievers this season. The schedule does get lighter and the toughest games left — Ole Miss and LSU — are at home. Still, 7-5 feels like the ceiling, and given the way they’re playing, we’ll go with 6-6 as the most likely landing spot.


Florida: 6-6

Florida likely comes out of next week at 4-4. Vandy should be an easy win, and then 1 more from a home game with South Carolina and road games at A&M and Florida State would get the Gators to bowl eligibility. Finishing 7-5 is entirely possible, but 6-6 feels most likely.

Georgia: 12-0

The Tennessee game on Nov. 5 looms large, and it’s in Athens. At Mississippi State and at Kentucky could be stumbling spots, but neither one looks terribly likely. Take care of the Vols and the shot at 12-0 is very strong.

Kentucky: 8-4

Kentucky was off, and nothing really changed in their big picture. Mizzou, Vandy and Louisville look like wins. Tennessee and Georgia look like losses. That would land the Wildcats at 8-4, but the next 2 (at Tennessee, at Mizzou) are the swing games that could move it to 7-5 or 9-3.

Missouri: 5-7

The continued rise of South Carolina moves the Tigers even deeper in the hole to reach bowl eligibility. With Tennessee waiting in Knoxville, a loss in Columbia would mean that the Tigers have to sweep Kentucky and Arkansas at home to reach 6 wins. Unfortunatley, 4-8 might be closer to reality than 6-6.

South Carolina: 7-5

The Gamecocks have a very real path to 8 wins. We’re not quite ready to predict a win over Florida in The Swamp, but it’s certainly plausible. Meanwhile, bowl eligibility in Week 9 is no small thing for a Gamecock squad playing a brutal schedule.

Tennessee: 11-1

The Nov. 19 game at Carolina looks like more of a challenge than it did, but Tennessee’s heavy hunting is in the next 2 weeks, with a home matchup with Kentucky and a road trip to Georgia. The Vols look like a 12-0 team, but they haven’t played many defenses like they’ll get in the next 2 games.

Vanderbilt: 3-9

After a loss like Saturday’s to Mizzou, it’s hard to know whether to be encouraged (it was a 3-point loss) or discouraged (because if you lose to that Mizzou team, who could you beat?).