SEC Week 11 was another wild week. Are we clearer than we were on the final pecking order of the SEC? Well, take a look at our projections of the final records of the squads of the SEC after Week 11.


Alabama: 11-1

No reason to downgrade Alabama. Arkansas and Auburn are capable of making some noise, but if Auburn can’t hold a 25-point lead over Mississippi State, how can they really hope to take down the Tide? Alabama looks pretty certain at 11-1, and we can’t wait for the SEC title game.

Arkansas: 8-4

Staying put on this one also. It wasn’t easy, but Arkansas picked up the solid win at LSU and should easily handle Missouri in the finale. An 8-4 season in the SEC West should get Sam Pittman significant support for SEC Coach of the Year.

Auburn: 7-5

In just over one half, we went from fairly bullish on Auburn to thinking that they’re lucky it’s just South Carolina next week. What a confusing 7-5 season this will be. On some weeks, Auburn looked like one of the best teams in the SEC. On others, well, they coughed up a 25-point lead.

LSU: 5-7

A 5-6 LSU team will play Texas A&M at home and could plausibly pull off the upset. A&M’s offense is far from certain, and LSU will have plenty to play for. That said, we’d give the edge to A&M at the moment, which is why LSU stays at 5-7.

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Mississippi State: 7-5

Congrats to the Bulldogs on bowl eligibility and a nice win over Auburn. Given the rivalry that is the Egg Bowl, the Bulldogs certainly have a shot at 8-4. But predicting that seems a little aggressive.

Ole Miss: 10-2

A 10-win season for Lane Kiffin’s Rebels will be one of the big stories of the season. Kiffin probably gets overlooked for SEC Coach of the Year, either for Pittman at one end of the spectrum or by Kirby Smart on the other. But he’s done a great job and the Rebels will be rewarded with a nice bowl matchup.

Texas A&M: 9-3

Prairie View and LSU should get the Aggies a pair of wins to finish the season strong. Yes, winning at LSU will be something of a challenge, but assuming the A&M offense gets straightened out, that feels reasonable.


Florida: 7-5

If Florida had anybody decent left on the schedule, we’d drop them down after this brutal performance against Samford. But with Mizzou and Florida State, surely the Gators stop the slide and reach 7 wins. Right?

Georgia: 12-0

Charleston Southern? Georgia Tech? Not a chance. The Bulldogs can’t jump ahead and start thinking about Atlanta, but we can. And will.

Kentucky: 9-3

We’ll stay here on Kentucky, but if the secondary doesn’t get some mojo going, that UK/Louisville game in 2 weeks might resemble the UK/UT game down to a 45-42 score. Still, we’ll give the Wildcats the benefit of the doubt.

Missouri: 5-7

Could Missouri beat Florida in a home game? Of course. At Arkansas looks a little tougher, so if the Tigers want bowl eligibility, Saturday is probably their best chance. Given these defenses, it might be a shootout.

South Carolina: 5-7

The loss to Mizzou probably relegated the Gamecocks to outside the bowl picture. Auburn and Clemson are both capable of playing down to Carolina, but we can’t project either to certainly do that.

Tennessee: 7-5

The Vols wait another week for bowl eligibility, but they’ll get there with South Alabama and Vandy left on the schedule. A 7-5 UT team will be more attractive to the bowls than Florida or Auburn, so the Vols should get a pretty nice post-season matchup.

Vanderbilt: 2-10

No change here.