One of the 14 rule changes this offseason includes the referees’ new ability to eject a coach for unsportsmanlike conduct.


Previously, officials could throw unsportsmanlike conduct fouls on the head coach and assess 15-yard penalties. But with this slight modification, the NCAA Football Rules Committee seeks to place football in the same category with other college sports by increasing the accountability a coach has in maintaining ideal professionalism and overall orderliness on the sideline.

So now, just as with a player, a coach is now disqualified if he collects two unsportsmanlike conduct fouls during a game.

Can you think of a few SEC coaches that may have an issue with this new rule? Let’s check the Rage Index:

Low-Moderate Rage

These are the nice guys. No matter how difficult of a situation they might find themselves in, there is almost a zero percent chance that they will ever be tossed due to unsportsmanlike conduct. That doesn’t mean they’re not passionate; it just means they’re a bit more in control of their emotions and would prefer to handle adversity in a calm, cool and collective manner.

  • Gus Malzahn, Auburn
  • Kirby Smart, Georgia
  • Les Miles, LSU
  • Dan Mullen, Mississippi State
  • Barry Odom, Missouri
  • Hugh Freeze, Ole Miss
  • Derek Mason, Vanderbilt

Moderate-High Rage

Now we start pressing a fine line between agitated and furious. These coaches will probably collect a few 15-yard penalties throughout the season, but will have the cognitive ability to back off before they get a second and ultimately ejected.

It’s possible that someone from this list will be removed at some point, but only if his team is up or down big. (Getting tossed can, at times, be a strong motivational tactic for spectating players.)

  • Bret Bielema, Arkansas
  • Jim McElwain, Florida
  • Mark Stoops, Kentucky
  • Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M

Severe Rage

Now we move on to the guys who are in real danger of being ejected during an important part of the game. Nick Saban is more known for his blow-ups with the media, but has been seen ripping into referees from the sideline from time to time with the face that reflects pure animosity.

Butch Jones is no stranger to curling his hand into a fist and lighting up like a red tomato, either. It’ll be interesting to see how both react to their first unsportsmanlike penalties; will they cool off or will it set off another trigger?

  • Nick Saban, Alabama
  • Butch Jones, Tennessee

Extreme Rage

Will Muschamp gets his own category here and its obvious why: He’s a head case. This is the same guy that was nicknamed “Coach Blood” while at Texas after he scratched his face while violently ripping his headset off his face in his first game as the Longhorns defensive coordinator, but kept right on coaching.

He’s been blowing up on the sideline every year since 2007, and is by far the SEC’s (and possibly the entire FBS) biggest candidate to get thrown out.

  • Will Muschamp, South Carolina

Love him or hate him, there is no off button with Coach Boom and his “extreme rage.” Odds say he’ll be removed from at least one game this season.