Rece Davis and Pete Thamel raised an idea that would seem to be blasphemy across the SEC: Could the league champion be shutout from the College Football Playoff?

On ESPN “College GameDay” podcast, Thamel suggested that SEC commissioner Greg Sankey’s head would explode.

Davis added, “I’m not saying they won’t.”

Thamel added that while there’s been drama, there hasn’t been a “knock-down drag out” backlash about the final 4 teams in recent years.

“We’re due, to be honest,” Thamel said.

The hypothetical issue would come up if LSU won out with losses to Florida State and Tennessee.

“Even a 2-loss SEC Champion, with that blow-out loss on its resume, I would be aligned against them, if no one else has a similar smudge on it,” Davis said. “… I would have difficulty with LSU with that big loss on its resume absent everyone else competing against them having a similar smudge.”