At many elite academic schools, entrance requirements are relaxed for athletes.

That, unfortunately, creates a loophole that some can exploit, as is apparently the case at many big-name institutions. On Tuesday morning, that scandal came crashing down, though.

Per a report from NBC News, more than 40 people have been indicted in a scheme that involved faking college entrance exams and creating false athletic profiles. Per Tom Winter, a pair of Hollywood actresses have been charged, too:

While it is unlikely that this scandal will involve any high-level basketball or football coaches, it does have the potential to be interesting. For example, here’s what Yahoo!’s Pat Forde says Loughlin is accused of doing:

There does appear to be at least one football player involved, though it’s unknown what school he attended:

Here are some of the coaches who have been indicted:

No SEC schools were listed in the report, which included Georgetown, UCLA, Stanford, USC, Texas, Wake Forest, Yale and more. There is no evidence that the schools knew about the scam.