Earlier this week, former Auburn QB Cam Newton made sexist remarks toward a female reporter, and it cost him a sponsorship deal from Dannon Yogurt.

Now, the company is signing another former SEC star in Mississippi State’s Dak Prescott, according to ESPN.com.

Dannon is moving quickly to remove advertisements with Newton, the Carolina Panthers’ quarterback. Prescott, the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback, will likely soon replace Newton as the face of the company.

Dannon is the latest company to add Prescott as a sponsor, and the second-year quarterback now has an impressive list of endorsement deals.

In fact, Prescott will make more than five times his NFL salary from his endorsement deals this year:

Prescott faces a tough test on Sunday afternoon when the Cowboys host the Green Bay Packers. However, if he keeps playing well, more companies will likely jump about the Dak train and he could make even more money moving forward.