In something out of the bizarro world, Wake Forest is currently embroiled in a situation featuring a color commentator-turned-mole.

According to a report from SB Nation, current color commentator Tommy Elrod has been fired for feeding or attempting to feed opponents with confidential game plan information. These acts first began in 2014. Elrod has since been banned from Wake Forest Athletics and its facilities, and will no longer broadcast Wake Forest games.

To make this story even more strange, Elrod had been a football coach at the university for 11 years under former head coach Jim Grobe. He also graduated from the university — having played on the football team from 1993-97.

When current head coach Dave Clawson took over in ’14, Elrod was not retained. He then joined the broadcasting world — where he began to provide “the goods” to opposing teams.

An investigation took place after the Louisville game on Nov. 12. After sifting through text messages, phone calls, and emails, it was deemed that Elrod had in fact been participating in these acts.

Here’s a statement from Wake Forest Athletic Director Ron Wellman:

“I have known Tommy Elrod since his days as a player on our football team. I’m deeply disappointed that he would act against Wake Forest, our football team and our fans in such a harmful manner by compromising confidential game preparation information. It is a relief that the team can move forward without his actions further undermining the positive strides Dave Clawson, his staff and the team have made. All of us are now preparing for final exams and the Military Bowl and continuing to build an outstanding football program.”

Clawson also commented on the situation:

“I am extremely disappointed that our confidential and proprietary game preparation was compromised. It’s incomprehensible that a former Wake Forest student-athlete, graduate-assistant, full-time football coach, and current radio analyst for the school, would betray his alma mater. We allowed him to have full access to our players, team functions, film room, and practices. He violated our trust which negatively impacted our entire program. I am glad we have taken steps to ensure it will not happen in the future. At this point, this is a matter for Ron Wellman and others to act on. My staff and I are focused on Temple and preparing the team for the Military Bowl.”