After talk of taking a bus from Louisiana, Harvey Updyke reportedly did not show up for his court date in Lee County, Alabama.

According to Sara Palczewski of The Opelika-Auburn News, Updyke failed to appear for his Wednesday court date. The O-A News report states that the District Attorney’s Office asked for a warrant for Updyke’s arrest for failing to appear, but Judge Jacob Walker ruled that the office now has 30 days to asses a letter from Updyke’s daughter stating why he couldn’t appear and submit a certified copy of the restitution payment record. The letter from Updyke’s daughter was reportedly filed in court stating why he was unable to appear.

Judge Jacob Walker ordered the notorious Alabama football fan to pay $816,694.98 in restitution to Auburn University and court costs after he pleaded guilty in 2013 to poisoning the iconic Toomer’s Corner trees in 2011. Per Palczewski, records show Updyke has paid $6,915.50, meaning he still owes more than $809,000 in restitution payments.

Updyke had posted on his Facebook account earlier this week he was taking a bus ride from his home in Louisiana to appear in court.