As questions continue to linger about the potential of starting the 2020 college football season on time in September, other sports are facing their own problems amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

For men’s basketball, for example, the season is set to go all through the winter. But, with many schools moving up winter break, could the basketball season hit pause, too?

According to insider Bryan Fischer, NCAA leaders are discussing the possibility of starting the season earlier this fall than normal in order to work a winter break into the schedule:

Some questions that come to mind with that potential plan include whether it would make sense to have players leave campus to go back home, where they could potentially contract COVID-19. Also, with how much the virus continues to spread during the summer months, should it still be considered a seasonal virus?

The NCAA has a team of medical experts that will surely debate those, and other, questions over the coming weeks. We’ll see what course of action the organization ends up taking ahead of the 2020-21 season.