The news surrounding the status of the 2020 college sports season, especially college football, continues to be a rollercoaster for those following the headlines. On Sunday, ESPN published a report about an “emergency meeting” of the Power 5 conference commissioners.

According to the ESPN report, “a vast majority” of Big Ten presidents are ready to call off the fall sports season with hopes of moving the football season to spring. Per the report, the Big Ten entered the meeting wanting to “gauge if commissioners and university presidents and chancellors from the other Power 5 conferences will fall in line with them.”

It was reported Saturday that new Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren favors a spring football season. Sunday’s headlines have varied. Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports reported that a Power 5 athletic director called the cancelation of the season “inevitable.” Phillip Marshall of 247Sports reported that the SEC was not moving to cancel its season after the MAC became the first FBS-level league to cancel the fall football season on Saturday.

The ESPN report references sources saying over the last 48 hours “that the postponement or cancellation of the football season seems inevitable.” The Power 5 conferences are looking to each other to see who makes the first move.

“Nobody wanted to be the first to do it,” a Power 5 coach reportedly told ESPN, “and now nobody will want to be the last.”